The Gear Forward Update

Podcast about the current news and information about Gear Forward, a non-profit aimed at outfitting the next generation of adventurers through donations of gear from the outdoor community at large.

Welcome to the Gear Forward Update - Episode 4. 

During this episode, we highlight one of our current needs for a very adventurous Girl Scout troop in Minnesota who are actively trying to raise money for. The money raised by this fundraiser will go to purchase needed tents for the Girl Scout troop. If you interested in donating to this cause please click here.

We also discuss other upcoming soon to be published gear needs and campaigns for a Boy Scout troop in Puerto Rico and a tent need for Troy Camp in Los Angeles, Ca. 

The Gear Forward Ambassador Program is discussed and we detail how to get more involved with Gear Forward. And, finally, we discuss the new campaign to collect and donate scouting uniform items to youth in need. 

Thanks for listening!


Check out our latest edition of the Gear Forward Update. Our Cyber Monday Donation Contest with support from Teton SportsPurinizeWise Owl Outfitters & Palisade Gear is discussed. We also thanked our friends at Hike Like A Woman for their generous donation to Gear Forward and chatted about donation hikes and how you could help organize one in your community.

We provided an update on our big donation to the Cub Scouts in Katy, Texas with the huge help from our friends at HMWOutdoors. And lastly, we invited everyone to join us this Friday to join in on HikerChat as we will be co-hosting and talking about giving thanks.

We hope you enjoy the episode.

Welcome to the Gear Forward Update Episode 2. 

Check out our first Gear Forward Update (an audio update of all that is going on with Gear Forward).

We understand it can be difficult to manage information via social media, blogs and newsletters sometime. To combat this, we have developed a short audio update to get you informed about all that is going on with Gear Forward. The Gear Forward Update will regularly update you on the current gear needs we have and where they are located as well as updates on recent or on-going projects and engagements with out Gear Forward Partners.

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